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Vibrators of all shapes, sizes, and creeds bring uninhibited joy to millions of people all over the world each year. However, pairing these joys with the often monotonous task of vehicular transportation is a seemingly exciting though ultimately fruitless affair. To the mild chagrin of a van driver for M & J Seafood in the small market town of Cirencester in Gloucestershire, England — a particularly daring driver let her Rampant Rabbit vibrator get the best of her, ultimately inspiring a car crash.

The woman, reportedly in her 30s, plowed into the stationary seafood transportation vehicle — swiftly exchanging insurance information with the van's driver before exiting the scene. Upon inspection of the van's rear camera footage, the cause of the fender-bender became strikingly clear — a stimulation-induced thrusting of the gas pedal. According to The Mirror, the driver is shown in the footage holding a Rampant Rabbit-style vibrator before taking the not-road-ready device "up her trousers."

Though we all should continue to salute such admirable displays of sexual heroism, let this serve as a cautionary tale — i.e. one should only engage in Rampant Rabbit activities from the comforts of the passenger seat.