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We are exactly two months away from being blessed with a new season of Empire, the perfect time for the season two promo run to officially begin. This clip is too short to even halfway count as a trailer—it is literally 20 seconds long—but if any show knows exactly which images to pepper such a brief tease with, it's this new soap classic. In case the clip moves too fast for you, here a few eagle-eye worthy images I spotted worthy of attention:

Hakeem riding a hovertraxx throughout the office. Timely and so in line with his rich-brat character, classic Empire.

Black sheep turned prodigal son Jamal performing at a #FreeLucious concert. Lmao, let us pray someone also wears a Free the Lyon t-shirt as well.

Cookie in a cage, because, Cookie. Classic Empire.

Sexual tension between Hakeem and Boo Boo Kitty, in case you forgot they hooked up in the season finale.

Jamal sporting longer hair and a hilariously melodramatic, which is to say, very Lucious-like, evil-grin, as the true heir of Empire Records should.

Lucious in jail! #FreeLucious #GameTimeBitches

Honestly, the streets don't even need any more clips after this, just give us the premiere already. Damn, September 23 can't come fast enough.