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Charleston shooter Dylann Roof has been in jail for less than a month and he already has a pen pal, according to a letter allegedly written by Roof that has surfaced. In it we can see Roof’s remorselessness, with the letter beginning,

The letter, on sale  for $1,000 at True Crime Auction House, shows Roof writing to the person who has written him, later identified as Andrew Dodge of Burlington, Washington. Roof mentions how surprised he is that Dodge found him so soon, with the letter dated June 18—the day of Roof’s arrest.

But according to Gawker, a Charleston County Sherrif’s Office spokesperson couldn’t confirm the authenticity of the letter as officials are investigating where it came from.  It’s unknown when the letter was received at the jail, when Roof got it himself, or when he answered. Gawker does say there is an Andrew Dodge of Burlington, but he was unreachable. The possibility of this being a hoax is high seeing as information like Roof’s inmate number is public and anyone could fake a letter.

But for now, here’s images of the letter with a full transcript following. 

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