Comedian D.L. Hughley doubled down on his not exactly creative or hilarious joke about Caitlyn Jenner looking like the Robin Williams character Mrs. Doubtfire.

When asked if he thought Jenner was beautiful last week, Hughley responded with "No, in like a Miss Doubtfire kind of way," and also said she looked like "every P.E. teacher I ever had."

Instead of just letting those comments fade into obscurity, the comic tweeted out a side-by-side comparison of Jenner and the character, because for some reason he is really not letting this go.

Jenner actually addressed this type of shit in her ESPYs acceptance speech when she accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

"If you want to call me names, make jokes, doubt my intentions, go ahead, because thereality is, I can take it. But for the thousands of kids coming to terms with who they are, theyshouldn't have to take it," Jenner said. 

Hughley is far from the first to be a dick about Jenner getting the award or to try to make her into a joke. The toughest part might be deciding whose joke is less funny, his or  Clint Eastwood's. 

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