As a firm believer in shutting the f:)ck up during a movie, the brief resurrection of Coach Taylor in the name of ensuring that shut uppery is quite exciting indeed. Kyle Chandler, still standing proud as (reportedly) the sole reason Friday Night Lights will never receive the proper cinematic treatment (i.e. a movie sequel to the series), tows the line nicely between blatant PSA and genuinely clever in the clip above.

The video will air ahead of showings at Alama Drafthouse Cinema locations, coyly evoking the raw leftover emotions of Friday Nights Lights fans in an effort to — as previously stated because I simply can't say this enough — shut the f:)ck up during the movie. Sadly, recent Friday Night Lights universe crasher Amy Schumer doesn't make an appearance.

As Connie Britton revealed back in 2013, she's definitely interested in revisiting Friday Night Lights for a cinematic continuation — but Chandler is supposedly less than enthused at the prospects of returning to the speech-heavy lifestyle of Coach Taylor.