Censorship is a frustratingly archaic concept which has somehow managed to invade our modern conveniences — namely Instagram, Facebook, etc. Adding to its archaic vileness, censorship regularly employs downright sexist tactics of body policing. In short, a topless male and a topless female — though clearly quite equal — are both treated with vastly different censorship tactics.

Thankfully, the past few years have given rise to an increasingly public confrontation of these practices — particularly in the form of #freethenipple. Citing Miley Cyrus, Rumer Willis, and many others as harbingers, the campaign increased its exposure earlier this week when Chrissy Teigen found herself swiftly censored by Instagram's troublingly inconsistent photo police. After having her photos removed, Teigen promised the nipple would soon return to continue the good fight:

Teigen made good on this promise on Tuesday, utilizing some clever tactics in her latest #freethenipple 'gram:


Hopefully, Teigen's admirable persistence inspires a new legion of protestors — collectively prepared to destroy equality-blocking censorship tactics, one 'gram at a time.