The worst thing that should ever happen at a beer pong game is someone showing up with a case of Busch, Busch Light, or possibly even Natty Light, but definitely not a bullet in your shoulder.

That's apparently what happened at a Fourth of July party in suburban Chicago over the weekend, according to DNAInfo Chicago.

Manus Shannon, of Roseland, was arrested on his 27th birthday after he accidentally shot two people during a round of beer pong. Police say Shannon was waving his 9mm semiautomatic in the face of his pong opponent to distract him when the gun went off (pretty distracting). 

The 24-year-old opponent was shot in the hand before the bullet also struck another 20-year-old guy in the shoulder as he was sitting off to the side texting. Both men were in stable condition after driving themselves to the hospital. 

As you may already know, Chicago had zero chill over the holiday. This sad Google map shows everywhere people were shot on July 4, all 45 of them. 



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