It has to be tough to be the new kid in class when that class is the Marvel movie universe, and while Ant-Man made a totally respectable $58 million at the box office this weekend to take first place, that's still a tiny bit meh by Marvel standards. 

Paul Rudd's Marvel Studios debut will likely be profitable too, shaking off any worries that the studio might have its first box office dud on its hands. The movie cost a reported $130 million to make, which is relatively cheap by superhero movie standards, according to The Associated Press' weekend box office roundup. 

Coming in at No. 3 was Amy Schumer in her first leading role on the big screen with Trainwreck, which brought in just over $30 million — a smash hit by R-rated comedy standards. That means get used to Schumer in theaters, because she'll probably have her pick of projects after this success. 

The rest of the top five were all holdovers from previous weeks: No. 2 was Minions ($50.2 million), No. 4 was Inside Out ($11.7 million) and No. 5 was Jurassic World ($11.4 million).