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A deposition originally schedule for June, then temporarily blocked by Bill Cosby's petition, will now take place within the next 30 days following the California Supreme Court's outright rejection of Cosby's assertion of "procedural errors" related to the suit's previous rulings. The Court's denial of Cosby's request for review means the suit can now, without pause, make its way to litigation.

"We are looking forward to Mr. Cosby answering questions under oath at his deposition," says Gloria Allred. "We will continue to seek justice for our courageous client, Judy Huth." Cosby's basis for filing a petition for review stems from Huth's original filing of the suit by another lawyer, shortly after which Huth hired Allred to take over the case.

Huth maintains that Cosby sexually assaulted her during an event at the Playboy Mansion in 1974, at which point Huth was just 15 years old. Though an unearthed 2005 deposition revealed that Cosby had admitted to obtaining Quaaludes with the sole intention of giving them to women with whom he wanted to have sex, the formerly beloved comedian and his representatives have continued to deny the profound number of allegations pointing to a history of unsettling behavior dating back to at least 1969.