If your brain is still attached to your spinal cord, then the vast majority of current 2016 presidential hopefuls represents but a depressing land mine of political dearth. Donald "Troll Me Harder" Trump has been on some bizarre sort of inconsistent performance art tour (we can only hope), with his race to the White House recently given new urgency by the arrival of a candidate from Iowa named Deez Nuts. As we continue to ponder the genius implosion tactics possible with a Trump Nuts 2016 joint ticket, current leader of the free world Barack Obama is out and about reminding everyone that his presidency has been pretty stacked with historic accomplishments.

In fact, during a recent speech to the African Union in Ethiopia, Obama half-jokingly expressed confidence in a theoretical third term. "I think if I ran again, I could win," Obama tells the crowd. "But I can't!" Obama's statement was meant as a soft introduction to his criticism of the dangerous reluctance of certain leaders in the region to allow their respective positions to remain balanced and temporary. "Africa's democratic progress is at risk when leaders refuse to step aside when their terms end," Obama says. "Now, let me be honest with you — I do not understand this."

As for Obama's own post-presidency plans, he vaguely discussed his subtle joy at the sight of Trump's dominance of the Republican pool of potential nominees with outgoing Daily Show host Jon Stewart. According to Obama, the American people "deserve better" than the current field of Republican nominees. However, this quote was pulled before Deez Nuts officially entered the race.