As the nation recovers from a weekend of near-sickening levels of patriotism so prevalent that millions of people unknowingly overdosed, we are left to ponder our greatest accomplishments. Of course, any conversation centered on American innovation likely begins or ends (or both) with Apple — the most imitated, Grammy nominated, hotel accommodated, cheerleader prom-dated focal point of the Digital Era.

Apple's latest move, the Apple Watch, could potentially thrust mainstream public acceptance of wearable tech into overdrive — marking the next great leap in communication. Also, the Apple Watch is apparently great for engaging in phallic art exchanges suitable for the whole family. Using the Watch's must-discussed sketch feature, penis-laden creative minds have amassed a bevy of Freudian depictions of wholly realistic male genitalia and lived to tell the tale:

In fact, the unspeakable amounts of dick sketches currently being exchanged from Watch to Watch might just inspire the next great leap in wearable tech — the Apple Dick: