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Do you remember the controversy when Aloha came out in cinemas in the US in May? Basically, the comedy-drama from Cameron Crowe (Vanilla Sky, Jerry Maguire) was widely criticized from being set in Hawaii but featuring an-all white main cast. And in particular, for casting white, blonde Emma Stone as a character called Alison Ng, who’s described as one-quarter Chinese, one-quarter Hawaiian, and one-quarter Swedish. With the surname Ng.

If you were waiting to see it in the UK to make up your own mind, bad news. The British cinema release of the film has now been cancelled. Obviously, it’s not just because of the controversy. It was hated by the critics (it currently only has 19% on Rotten Tomatoes), and also bombed at the US box office. It will probably make its way here on DVD though, which is pretty damning for a film that stars A-listers like Stone, Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Bill Murray.

On the bright side, it has been nominated for three Teen Choice Awards.