Another white woman is making the news for lying about something serious. One Texarkana, Texas woman lied about being beaten by three black men outside of a Walmart and now she’s getting called out for it on social media. 

The woman, Ashley M., posted photos of herself on Facebook with two black eyes and a bloody nose showing the aftermath of the supposed attack. She wrote, “just got jumped by 3 African Americans ourside [sic] of the as [sic] Walmart." But the photo clearly shows the “bruises” were just makeup. 

The Daily Dot reached out to a security worker from the Walmart and the security worker said no incidents had been reported there in the past week. Texarkana Police Department public information officer Mike Jones had a similar answer when contacted by The Daily Dot. Jones wrote in an email:

People of course did not take this incident lightly: 

After people dragged Ashley on social media for lying about something so serious, especially when racial tensions are running high since the Charleston shooting, Ashley posted a photo of herself with sunglasses on and tissues stuffed in her nose flipping off the camera. That too has also been taken down.

The photo's caption read: 

The Texarkana Police were recently contacted by a close friend of Ashley’s who said she is “emotionally disturbed” and currently seeking help. Her last name is being concealed for this reason.

[via Daily Dot]