You're not real if you don't regularly find yourself paralyzingly overwhelmed by the raw creative power of Pixar, the reigning lord of all things genius in mainstream cinema. The Toy Story trilogy helped us all understand the struggle of the inner child, while WALL-E gave us a devastating though ultimately hopeful view of the not-so-distant future from the perspective of a highly loveable robot. After some truly serious delays, The Good Dinosaur will finally allow Pixar to explore the wild, limitless world of dinosaurs and their place in cleverly altered history.

Bob Peterson helmed the dino opus until 2013, at which point Peter Sohn took the reigns as director following Peterson's removal. The Good Dinosaur features the voice talent of Lucas Neff, Neil Patrick Harris, Frances McDormand, John Lithgow, and Bill Hader.

Sadly, the first teaser for The Good Dinosaur (see above) gives no direct confirmation or denial on that 2013 rumor which confidently stated that Lil Wayne had joined the voice cast for the prehistoric 3D jaunt. The Good Dinosaur opens on November 25, just months after this year's other Pixar film Inside Out.