Last week, Dave Chappelle shared some enlightening thoughts on former Spokane NAACP president Rachel Dolezal — including his reasons for excluding her as a potential topic in his own comedy. According to Chappelle, the media is ignoring the potential "emotional context of what [Rachel Dolezal] means." On the other end of this spectrum, we have Maya Rudolph — the former Saturday Night Live standout who spent the past few weeks fielding requests from fans and friends alike to portray Dolezal on the show.

Though Rudolph has no plans to bring her Dolezal impression to SNL, she did give Seth Meyers a brief taste of the performance on Monday's Late Night. Rudolph called Dolezal's narrative "fascinating," before hastily donning a wig and stepping into character to the delight of Meyers. While comparing her friend's Dolezal requests to the plight of Tina Fey which eventually led to her prolific Sarah Palin impressions, Rudolph seemed to suggest that the Late Night dose would be a one-time event — i.e. no Saturday Night Live.

In minutely related news, the real Rachel Dolezal was recently offered $50,000 by to appear in their artful cinema: