We may finally, triumphantly be in the last days of the putrid remnant of a bygone era rife with embarrassment — the Confederate flag (and any variation therein). In addition to temporarily breaking the internet thanks to Barack Obama retweeting former rival Mitt Romney's surprisingly progressive thoughts on the ancient symbol of Southern racism, the oppressive flag often favored by delusional human dumpsters who still wholeheartedly believe bizarre sentiments like "the South will rise again" is currently the subject of a vivid national debate following the Charleston Church Massacre.

Thankfully, Sundays often bring sly clarity thanks to Last Week Tonight's John Oliver — the patron saint of cutting the bullshit. This week's episode of the HBO news roundup featured a brief though adequately stacked bit (see above) from Oliver on what exactly the Confederate flag represents to the majority of the country — and a brilliant plan for the future of its appearance in South Carolina and all over the nation.

Of course, Oliver is simply echoing the sentiments of many across the States — take down this flag.