Proving Jimmy Fallon can weasel his way out of anything, last night the Tonight Show host sidestepped nearly falling out of Larry David's good graces. 

The whole clip sounds like three lifelong friends palling around—or rather, two lifelong friends making fun of one talk show host. David recently wrote and starred in the wildly popular Broadway comedy, Fish in the Dark. Even though Fallon was singing his praises ("You shattered records!"), David said he doesn't remember Fallon ever going backstage to congratulate him.

"What..." said Fallon, trying to shrug off the critique. "I don't do backstage."

"I don't think you were ever frontstage, either!" yelled David. 

Jason Alexander, the Seinfeld star who took over David's role for six weeks, offered Fallon a great excuse: he said that the only reason you would ever go backstage is when your friend is in it and the play hasn't gone well. "That's when you gotta be like, 'You were... You were, you were!'" said Alexander, in mock cheer.

Fallon couldn't stop laughing, but when he asked Alexander if he would have wanted him to come backstage anyway, Alexander's answer is hilariously hesitant. "He's just trying to find a way to say no," said Fallon, laughing. "That's all I needed to hear."

Watch the clip above.