When the comedic powers that be gifted us with news of a Hannibal Buress series definitely happening over at Comedy Central, the TV landscape in the wake of the Mad Men finale suddenly looked much brighter indeed. As the July 8 premiere date grows near, Comedy Central has been quietly sharing clips from the forthcoming series — inquisitively named Why? with Hannibal Buress.

The latest clip (see above) funnels Hannibal's distinctive comedic voice through a scripted on-set freakout — providing virtually no information on the series itself other than the fact that Buress will most certainly remain Buress. Earlier this month, Buress stated that he still had "no idea" what the show was going to be about — a downright unsettling remark from most comedians embarking on the next dimension, but a sentiment which felt right at home in the Hannibal Buress universe.

Buress appears to be growing closer and closer to doing everything I predicted on this list.