Honestly, this could happen to anyone. It's Tuesday, which your mooching roommate has unceremoniously deemed 'Turnt Tuesdays' which kind of sounds more like an annoying DJ night at the worst bar in town. Regardless, you always follow the simple command of this sacred day: 'Tis Tuesday. Turn up.

You invite over a few friends, many of them happily agreeing to bring their own alcohol. Sadly, every single one of your guests brings an unholy amount of Bud Light Lime. But you stick to the mantra: 'Tis Tuesday. Turn up. As everyone around you grows increasingly turnt, you suddenly remember the sword you keep proudly displayed above the fireplace that one guy keeps using as an ashtray. "Now is a good time to show everyone how a sword works," you think. You briefly question this idea, but then return — once again — to the task at hand: 'Tis Tuesday. Turn up.

Of course, this story has a sudden ending because you end up chopping your friend's nose off.