The Internet is blowing up today over Spokane, Wash. NAACP president Rachel Dolezal being exposed by her parents as a white woman pretending to be African-American. It was only a matter of time before Twitter, bastion of Internet savagery, began having a field day with the news. In response to her saying she didn't understand the question when asked point blank if she's black, #AskRachel has become Twitter's top trending topic. While intended as a lampooning of Dolezal, it's also served as an aggregator of black culture. 

Here are some of the best #AskRachel tweets: 

Is this picture hanging in your parents house?#AskRachel

— Kenbo (@Kenbo_cool) June 12, 2015

#AskRachel The proper order to wipe oneself down is _____, _______, _____, _____

— Ernest Wilkins (@ErnestWilkins) June 12, 2015

What can this be used for? #AskRachel A. Butter B. Grease C. Leftovers D. All of the above

— Christopher Cooper (@Coopahman) June 12, 2015

Which picture describes what happens when you forget to take the chicken out before your mom gets home? #AskRachel

— a cool black girl. (@BaylorPhotoGal) June 12, 2015

Who caught a body about a week ago? #AskRachel

— Nigel Int'l D. (@Nigel_D) June 12, 2015

My president is Black, My lambo is ______ ? #AskRachel

— Lord Almighty (@Sixfever) June 12, 2015

Mary J Blige doesn't want hateration or holleration in where? A) Her home B) At work C) In cars D) This Dancery #AskRachel

— IWannaBeLike (@MikeSceezie) June 12, 2015

#AskRachel If R. Kelly's mind is telling him no, what is his body telling him? a. Possibly b. No c. Yes d. Go home Robert you're drunk

— Christopher Rucker (@cbenjaminrucker) June 12, 2015

Your mama is giving you a whoopin & you start crying. Does she: A) sit u down & talk OR B) "give you sumn to cry about" #AskRachel

— Pat Sutton (@suttonimpaQt) June 12, 2015

What flavor is this? #AskRachel A) Tropical Punch B) Cherry C) Strawberry D) Red

— Tre' (@TreHunnid) June 12, 2015

What they smell like? A. Dirt B. Grass C. Outside #AskRachel

— N WILD Heem (@BasedNas) June 12, 2015

#AskRachel last one.. What are we looking at? A. The President B. The Camera C. The Flicka Da Wrist

— Nakia's Son (@news11) June 12, 2015

If you use this twice a day how long should this last you? #AskRachel

— Bacchanalist (@Ska2Dancehall) June 12, 2015