According to the BBC, a tourist who was believed to be from the United States was killed at a game park in South Africa, when a lioness jumped through the couple's open car window. 

Scott Simpson, an assistant park manager at the Lion Park located 19 miles north of Johannesburg, told the BBC that the lioness attacked the woman through the open window. Paramedics arrived on the scene and began treating the woman and her husband, but she died from her injuries while her partner was still receiving treatment. 

Her death marks the third incident in the last four months at the Lion Park, according to South African news channel eNCA. At this time, officials have not released her name or nationality. 

The Lion Park, one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Africa, is billed as a "hybrid between zoo and game reserve" on the official South African tourism website. The park itself promises "super close-up" views—however, the park forbids driving with the windows down when in the lion enclosure. 

It's unclear at this time if the lioness will have to be put down. The BBC reports that park rangers chased her away after the attack. 

Update 6/3/15 (11:01 a.m.): The woman killed has been identified as Katherine Chappell, a 29-year-old visual effects editor for Game of Thrones. Her family confirmed the news to ABC but declined to comment further. The tour operator who was driving the car remains in the hospital with injuries from the attack. 

[via BBC and eNCA and South African Tourism]