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When you deal with a bully in real life, they tell you to fight back. Just start swinging, and aim for the nose. But when you catch shade from some internet troll, they tell you to ignore it.

Fuck that. We prefer the former.

Hence, The Shade Pit, our weekly series dedicated to calling out those YouTube commenters whose delete key works almost as poorly as their spell check. Instead of taking their shit lying down, we turn it back on them. Some people think giving credence to those trolls who spend their time hiding in the shadows of anonymity dropping insults in comment windows is a bad move. But guess what? It works.

Since we launched the Shade Pit, it's been harder and harder to find negative comments in our YouTube videos. Just like in real life, if you clap back hard enough, the bullies back down.

Check out this week's extra special episode with guest host Shia LeBeouf above. And to see all the shade that might make it to next week's pit, check out our YouTube channel. Drop us a comment. Maybe you'll make the pit.