19. Dillon's Irish Pub

Address: 6327 Hollywood Blvd.
Website: dillonsirishpub.com

The word “Irish” in this bar's name is the only Irish thing about it. Dillon's is a crowded sports bar with a corporate feel. The all-female staff dresses in slutty Catholic schoolgirl outfits, making it a great place for douchebags of all ages to come get their creep on. Desperate bachelors sporting Ed Hardy's fall line-up drunkenly hit on the scantily-clad bartenders. The “bros of yore,” now become family men, are on hand to ogle and start sentences with, “If I weren't married…” as if their wedding band was the only thing holding them back from taking a server home. Dillon's is not an Irish pub. It's a poor man's Hooters. Be sure to shower after you leave.