1. Saddle Ranch

Address: 8371 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood
Website: srrestaurants.com

Step aside, every other bar on this list, we've come to the very definition of douchey: Saddle Ranch. This is the bar of the douchebag, by the douchebag, for the douchebag. It's the only bar on this list whose God-awfulness can be heard before it's seen, thanks to the mechanical bull. Men with waxed eyebrows gather to cheer on drunk chicks embarrassing their generation one ride at a time. With the watered-down cocktails, overflowing toilets, and abundance of bedazzled clothing, you have to constantly remind yourself that you're a patron at a bar and not an extra on Jersey Shore. Sadly, the icing on this douchebag cake is Saddle Ranch actually has its own VH1 reality show. Golf claps.