Lifetime has long been a network that's been easy to ridicule. Since launching in 1984, it has brought us a full array of "women's entertainment" from scripted television (Army Wives, the new and terrific UnREAL), reality TV (Project Runway, Little Women NY & LA) and reruns of syndicated series. But if we are all being very real with ourselves, we're not watching Lifetime for the above. We're watching Lifetime for the movies. 

Lifetime movies are guaranteed trash entertainment, full of convoluted plots, terrible acting, and accidental humor—the perfect movies to watch when hung over. In recent years, with the explosion of their "Unauthorized" biopics, their movie slate has gone increasingly off the rails (not complaining, btw). 

But don't count out Lifetime's self-awareness. Airing tonight is possibly the #peak Lifetime movie, A Deadly Adoption, starring Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, and Jessica Lowndes. It's an obvious parody (and possible love letter to) of typical Lifetime tropes: A rich couple (Wiig and Ferrell) house the pregnant woman (Lowndes) whose baby they are adopting. But there's a DEADLY TWIST! 

To prepare for your A Deadly Adoption Sunday hangover, here are 8 of Lifetime's most ridiculous movies (clearly, not a comprehensive list).