One day after resigning as the Spokane NAACP president, Rachel Dolezal went on the record this morning and told the Today Show “I identify as black.” In another interview with NBC, this time with Savannah Guthrie for the Nightly News, Dolezal echoed her sentiment saying “I definitely am not white. Nothing about being white describes who I am.” Dolezal’s story took a sharp left turn when she said she wasn’t entirely sure her white parents (who outed her) were her biological parents.

Guthrie asked Dolezal if she thinks she’s “misleading” when she tells people she’s black and Dolezal said she could see why people might feel misled:

After Guthrie says a birth certificate is proof  Dolezal responds:

At the start of the interview Dolezal is asked if she ever lied about her race and she said,  “No, because never have I been asked, ‘are you human or are you not human?’ Race as a construct has a fluid understanding. So I would say no.”

But Dolezal once again said she was not white: 

Watch the interview above as Dolezal addresses her racial discrimination lawsuit against Howard university and whether or not she ever actively changed her physical appearance to match how she identifies.


[via Jezebel]