If you love your city, then there is an extreme likelihood that you love its art. Its sculptures, murals, and progressive architectural stand-outs are some of your favorite landmarks, and always make your list of where to take out-of-towners.

If this is you, we want to hear about which pieces and places get you most excited about your hometown—or, to be more specific, we want to see them. Snap a pic of your favorite works of art and design in your hometown, and post them to Instagram using the hashtag #MyDesignCity. Not only is this a chance to spread the word about your beloved city, but by posting a pic using the custom hashtag, you will be entered for the chance to win a trip to the opening of one of three great pop-up galleries, sponsored by Fiat.

The galleries will be going up in Austin, San Francisco, and Chicago, and will feature the work of artists Sophie Roach, Apex, and Dont Fret, respectively. Each of these artists is a treasure to their hometown; we want to give you the chance to meet one of them by sharing the treasures of the city you call home. Enter today!