In another move marking Pornhub as the aspiring Google of porn, the company has announced a crowdfunding campaign to shoot the "first ever professionally recorded sex tape/porn production in space." The press release's wording leaves open the possibility that an amateur space porn exists, but we've never heard of such a thing. Regardless, it's a potential game changer. 

To make the space porn Pornhub only needs to raise $3.4 million in the next 60 days from its fiercely loyal, strong-forearmed fans. The money will go toward the cost of the shuttle, seating for the cast and crew, and retrofitting a spaceship with cameras. We can't imagine the owner of the shuttle would let a porn crew outfit their craft, so it's very likely a team of engineers would be tasked with making a spaceship ready for one giant pelvic thrust for mankind. 

The man and woman for Pornhub's "Sexploration" program have already been chosen as Johnny Sins & Eva Lovia. Help them make history by donating to the Indiegogo campaign here. So far only has only raised $1,200, a tragedy akin to Congress cutting NASA's budget.