The video below is from the television comedy show Ramez In Controlhosted by Egyptian actor Ramez Galal, which pranked Paris Hilton into believing she was about to die in a horrible plane crash in Dubai. 

If you watched it and didn't think "wow, that's really fucked up," there might be something wrong with you.

Here's the full prank (beginning at 6:20).


If you watched it and didn't at least (almost, maybe, kind of) laugh a little bit when guys started bailing out of the plane with parachutes, there might also be something wrong with you (or maybe there's something wrong with me, I'm open to that possibility).

According to the Huffington Post, another of Galal's past "funny" pranks involved tricking guests into believing they were being eaten alive by sharks in the ocean, so clearly, do not be friends with that dude.