Brian Williams has been shipped off to that icy tundra that is MSNBC (a fitting place for one whose pants are on fire) and Lester Holt is in.

The announcement earlier this week that Holt would permanently replace Williams on NBC's flagship news broadcast NBC Nightly News was historic in that Holt is officially now the first black person to hold the position of lead anchor on a network (Max Robinson became the first black anchorman on ABC World News in the '70s, but was part of three anchor team with two white men).

NBC is obviously gearing up for a new start as they just released their first promo for Holt (above).

Its not clear whether Holt will do things like slow jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon like Williams did, but honestly, let's just start with not making things up, and maybe we can branch to talk show appearances out in a couple years. 

Holt did make a feature appearance on Williams' Rapper's Delight, of course, but that probably wasn't even up to him.