As Caitlyn Jenner's transition continues to play out in the media with an overwhelming amount of positive responses, Nancy Grace addresses some nitty-gritty questions about the Former Olympian's new chapter of 'her' life.

"Does he have a penis?", Grace asks CNN's Brian Stelter.

Clearly being insensitive, Grace has no filter with the questions she asks Stelter. In the video, she examines the truths behind his surgeries and speculates whether it's all been choreographed while simultaneously addressing Jenner's fatal car accident in February. With all of the support Caitlyn Jenner has received there has been just as much backlash. Whether it be from Jenner's close family friend's Instagram posts to numerous memes taking over the Internet- the breaking news has been over a bumpy road thus far. Although little is known as to how far Caitlyn Jenner plans to go with her surgeries, her reality show with E! airing this July should potentially clear the air. 

Watch the discussion above.