Michael Keaton enjoyed a Pittsburgh Pirates victory on Friday when they faced off against the Atlanta Braves in Turner Stadium, except for one small detail. According to Yahoo! Sports, Keaton was seated near the Pirates dugout when his blissful night was rudely interrupted by a nearby heckler.

From Yahoo!

Apparently, not far away was a Braves fan who was giving [Andrew] McCutchen the business to the point that McCutchen actually acknowledged the fan after hitting an RBI double in the eighth inning.

Acknowledge the heckler he did, which resulted in this hilarious .gif:

But Keaton couldn't keep himself either. The Batman Returns star got up at one point and told the heckler off, much to the delight of all the Michael Keaton fans around him.

I'm sure Keaton had fun with it, and that the Braves fan came out relatively unscarred. In fact, everyone walked away with something to show for the game: the heckler got McCutchen's batting gloves, Keaton got a signed baseball from A.J. Burnett, and everyone sitting around the pair got a good story. Well done, Batman.