We can officially give up hope on Donald Glover playing Spider-Man. Or any other black actor. Or anyone that's not white, really. Marvel's agreement terms with Sony ahead of the re-reboot have been discovered amongst the Sony leaks, and they're mighty strict.

Some are a given for a PG-13 franchise—Peter Parker can't be slangin' drugs, drinking, fucking anyone under the age of 16, or fucking while under the age of 16. Some protect the origin story—Parker's from Queens, he gains his powers from a spider bite, and he crafts his first costumes. But the limitations on his race and sexuality prevent the character from changing in a way that many fans have been clamoring for and that would mean a great deal to minorities largely underrepresented in comic book films. 

Here they are in full, via Gawker:

Get ready for another nice white boy in the next Spider-Man