Though Marc Maron rarely revisits any of the often political nature of his days in the 00s as an Air America host, some were beginning to wonder if the storied comedian had plans to push his WTF podcast into more political waters following the announcement of an appearance by President Barack Obama. The interview, which debuts on Monday, sees the president discussing a wide range of topics — including the Charleston massacre, gun control, and Louis C.K.

However, Maron is making it quite clear that this interview — though a crowning achievement for the program and Maron's career — is not indicative of any sort of format shift for WTF. Speaking to Deadline shortly after recording the interview, Maron spoke candidly about the experience and its possible impact on future episodes. "This is not me re-entering political talk," says Maron. "I had an opportunity to talk to the President of the United States and that’s how I saw it. That’s what that is and that’s what it will remain. I don’t have any interest in partisan politics or being an outlet for that." When asked about hosting presidential candidates for the forthcoming 2016 election, Maron was blunt with his response — stating he "would have to say no."

According to EW, Maron had no guidelines or restrictions regarding the interview — and retains final cut privileges. The episode — dubbed "WTF Summit" — will be available commercial-free starting on Monday, via the usual outlets.