Imagine minding your own business, having a normal Thursday night out in Harlem, eating dinner and then seeing Leonardo DiCaprio, his model girlfriend— Kelly Rohrbach, a millionaire space tourist and Fox News reporter all gather around a piano to commence a singalong. Well this actually happened, IRL.

Page Six reports that Leo and his girl joined a table at the restaurant, Rao's with former NYPD detective Dietl, nightlife don Richie Akiva, Fox News’ Charles Payne and millionaire space tourist Greg Olsen for a night of drunken, impromptu karaoke. Sources say that once the drinks started flowing DiCaprio suggested a singalong, and, accompanied by a performer on the piano, diners at the restaurant all joined in. Talk about a turnt up Thursday. Also— Dicaprio and Dietl shot a famous Wolf of Wall Street scene at said restaurant. I think it's safe to assume that Jordan Belfort and Leonardo DiCaprio are practically the same person and continue to lead the same lives. Though, DiCaprio stays winning.