Leonardo DiCaprio is an unstoppable, walking ball of IDGAF swagger—this is more or less general knowledge by now, if only because we here at Complex do everything we can to keep you abreast of his baller movements. And this week, Leo continued to flourish by making out with a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model while on a CitiBike.

To really conceptualize the amount of skill this took, try to imagine what would happen if you attempted to pull off what Leo did. You get a girl to go out on a date with you (not easy); you don't shave and/or dress up for this date; and just when she's expecting a nice dinner or something, you go, "Nah, we're gonna ride bikes. And not like, fancy bikes that I rented special for you—we're gonna ride these cheap-ass, city-provided bikes." I'm willing to bet that not only will this hypothetical date never kiss you on said cheap-ass bike, but she will also hate you forever. And that's before we even broach the fact that said date WAS A MODEL.

So CitiKiss got us thinking: was that the swaggiest display of affection Leo has ever achieved? We dug through all the dates, all the tropical excursions, and all the models to find out. Here are the results of that endeavor, a ranking of the places Leonardo DiCaprio has made out with models (and/or actresses, and/or musicians).