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Also affectionately known in certain circles as Mr. Steal Your Girl, Leonardo DiCaprio is mostly known for participating in a sect of cinema that is largely miles and miles of intellectualism away from the decidedly anti-brain work of notorious fat-inducer Michael Bay. However, a certain Rwandan cycling team helmed by Jacques 'Jock' Boyer was all it took to bring the seemingly disparate forces of cinema together.

According to EW, DiCaprio and Bay are deep in talks with Paramount regarding a film adaptation of the life and career of Boyer — the first American to participate in the Tour de France. The film, still without a script but armed with production from DiCaprio and Bay, will reportedly focus on Boyer's work with Team Rwanda following a one-year stint in jail for apparently lewd behavior with a minor. Boyer's tireless dedication to the Team Rwanda program proved worthwhile, with one former team member competing in the 2012 Olympics in London.

Though the untitled Boyer project certainly sounds like a worthy and brain-feeding venture for the unlikely duo, Bay is not one to deviate permanently from his continual onslaught of being the chief exporter of the cinematic equivalent of light beer. As such, Bay will next assault your intellect with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot sequel.