Gossip blogs have an ace in the hole that wasn't available during the last go-around, a trump card to play to juice them PVs: North MF'ing West. How the first child of the Wests is "dealing" with the prospect of having a baby brother or sister is an entirely new angle, ripe for gossip-mining. Will Nori turn into a monster? Will she be extremely excited to become a big sister? Will she make her crying jag at Kanye West's fashion show, the one that nearly destroyed Anna Wintour's eardrums, look like child's play (no pun intended)? Honestly, expect to see headlines for all of the above in the coming months.

(If you ask me though, North is going to own this kid. Look at how much of a boss she already is. She throws shade with the honed expertise of a Nicki Minaj—Baby #2 better be ready to bow down.)