The Kardashians aren't just in the news—they create the news. They basically have this down to a science at this point—controlling the dissemination of information so as to maximize their spotlight. Revealing Kim's pregnancy as a teaser for the second half of Season 10 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is a perfect example of this. Not only does that move increase how many people watched the mid-season finale, but it also increases how many people will watch the second half of the season, and it trains the world to think that all episodes of KUWTK are must-watch, because who knows what morsel of news the family will reveal during the show.

So even though the big reveal happened last night, be ready for the Kardashians to make a huge deal out of a ton of smaller announcements related to Kim's pregnancy. Here is a list of possible mini-announcements that Kim and co. will eventize:

  • The baby's gender reveal
  • The first photo of Kim's baby bump
  • The baby's name reveal
  • The baby's godparents reveal
  • The baby's nanny reveal
  • The family's reactions to the pregnancy news
  • What Kris Humphries thinks about Baby #2
  • What Reggie Bush thinks about Baby #2
  • What Miles Austin thinks about Baby #2
  • What Ray J thinks about—you get the picture