One woman from Middletown, Ohio is very upset after taking five small children to see Pixar's animated children's movie Inside Out, but was treated instead to a showing of Insidious 3, a terrifying horror movie for viewers of any age.

Jazmyn Moore took to Facebook to voice her discontent after the movie theater mix-up, complaining to the Ohio-based Journal-News about the ordeal:

"I got our money back but the damage is already done ... my children are terrified and keep asking questions," wrote Moore.

Let's be clear here — the Insidious franchise is terrifying even for grown-ups, so it's completely understandable that children who were planning to see cartoon characters that look like little Nerds candies pal around for 90 minutes would be confused by a horror movie about murderous ghosts.

Moore said she and other adults took their children out of the movie theater once they realized what was happening, which was probably immediately. 

The manager of the movie theater apologized for the accident, according to the Journal-Times, and explained that the employee who projects the movies "accidentally" played the PG-13 horror film. Yeah, sure—"accidentally."

Everyone who attended the film received a free pass to see the animated children's movie in 3-D. 

[via the Journal-News]