Last year, Kevin Smith released the proudly gruesome Tusk — a distinctively unsettling horror comedy that served as both a peculiar follow-up to Smith's two previous films (2010's Cop Out and 2011's Red State, respectively) and an odd resuscitator for Smith's creative spirit. Tusk, which chronicles Justin Long's metamorphosis from man to walrus, also features a prosthetic-nosed Johnny Depp as Guy Lapointe — a character serving as a catalyst for the film's uneasy conclusion.

At Sunday's Produced By conference in Los Angeles, Smith spoke openly about the evolution of Tusk, its forthcoming spinoff Yoga Hosers, and the Depp experience. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Smith pointed to Tusk as a turning point for his career — revealing he felt he "had nothing left to say" before pursuing the bizarre walrus tragedy. "I walked away because I lost personal shit to say," Smith said. "That was the only way I knew how to do the job — to steal from my life."

Discussing his relationship with Depp (who also appears in Yoga Hosers), Smith revealed quite a bit by saying very little. "[Depp] is an exquisite texter," Smith told the Produced By audience. "No emojis, no hieroglyphics. He writes f*cking words. It’s like getting a text from Lord Byron!"

No emojis. No hieroglyphics. Just Depp.