Nintendo 64 had an indisputable gem on its hands with the Star Wars I: Racer hardware bundle in 1999, released alongside the first film in the Star Wars prequel trilogyEpisode I: The Phantom Menace. Of course, the game was based on the iconic podracing scene from Phantom Menace — a breathtaking highlight in an otherwise forgettable and practically unnecessary prequel entry.

One star of the frequently fatal sport was a young Anakin Skywalker, who would eventually grow up to be Darth Vader (Happy Father's Day, Luke). In Phantom Menace, Skywalker is portrayed by Jake Lloyd — just ten years old upon the film's release. Shortly after, Lloyd remained mostly absent from both the Star Wars universe and the general spotlight — though his recent attempt at podracing via a regular car in South Carolina has surely quadrupled the amount of people googling "Anakin Skywalker podracing."

According to multiple sources, Lloyd — now 26 years old — "was charged with failing to stop for officers and reckless driving" after a high speed chase (100 mph +) spanning the 25-mile distance between Charleston and Colleton County. Lloyd reportedly ended the chase by bursting through a fence and hitting a few small trees.