The rumor mill is unkind, even for fictional characters on the longest-running American sitcom in television history. In case you've forgotten, Simpsons executive producer Al Jean revealed in an interview with Variety earlier this month that Lena Dunham's forthcoming guest appearance will center around Homer falling in love with her character during a legal separation from Marge. Naturally, digital tears were quickly shed — though the tears soon turned to anger and frustration directed at the entire Simpsons behind-the-scenes team.

Of course, such frustration failed to take into account the often temporary aspect of otherwise detrimental plot twists on The Simpsons — a remarkably consistent series whose characters largely remain ageless. Regardless, the impending divorce of Homer and Marge caught fire as quickly as one would assume — eventually leading to vaguely deflective responses from the Simpsons team including a sly John Lennon reference.

However, Homer and Marge had remained tightlipped about the rumors — until today. In an impromptu video address (see above), the timeless couple debunked "baseless" rumors of their supposed demise. Naturally, Bart and Lisa also make brief though worthy appearances — reinforcing the idea that The Simpsons might very well be around forever.