According to LA Times, a Bay-Area teacher jokingly asked students to snap selfies with their parent's sex toys for extra credit... because that's totally inappropriate. The teacher reportedly told Encinal High School students to look through their parent's drawers to find condoms, sex-toys or anything provocative to take a picture with for extra credit. It's unknown if the students actually went through with their teachers requests but when high school officials heard about the assignment— they were adamant about starting up an investigation. For obvious reasons, parents are demanding the teacher be fired but for now he or she has been placed on leave. 

While we may not know the logic behind this ridiculous request— we do know a few things that can possibly help us understand why this was even brought up. It was for a geometry class so maybe the teacher wanted his or her students to investigate the circumference of their moms... nope— still not appropriate. This is straight up academic debauchery. 

Watch the full report above via CBS SF.