In a world with an insatiable hunger for dick jokes of all shapes and sizes, it's hard for this same world's first successful penile transplant recipient to truly prosper. In a triumph of science and penile persistence, the unnamed 21-year-old recipient is now reporting that his girlfriend approximately four months pregnant — meaning the transplant most certainly worked.

As previously reported, the nine-hour procedure was performed in South Africa back in December of last year. With its unfortunate habit of botching circumcisions, South Africa's need for penile transplants is dire. According to BBC, the soon-to-be father lost his original penis during one of these botched circumcisions — leaving him with just a single centimeter (approximately .39 inches) of the original member.

"This is what we intended," Dr. Andre van der Merwe tells the BBC, "that he should be able to stand up and be able to urinate and have intercourse. So, it is a milestone for him." The first attempt at such a transplant occurred in China, wherein the subject reportedly suffered an extreme psychological reaction and ultimately had the organ removed.

Free the eggplant, etc.