A luxury Upper West Side tower's co-op board has established a doggy discrimination policy that requires pet-owning residents to prove the breeds of their pups. The policy is designed to purge the building of any pedigrees the board deems troublesome according to DNA Info

In the past month, if the breed is unknown—the co-op board may ask that the mutt take a DNA test to determine it. The board wants to know this information because the policy states that dogs “are not permitted to reside in the building based upon documented information regarding their tendency towards aggressiveness." 

DNA Info reports that the list of outlawed pooches includes such pint-sized breeds as a Maltese or a Pomeranian. 

"It’s like dog racism essentially,” says a resident said of the new policy. “It’s beyond offensive, it’s intrusive."

Many dog-owners at the residence argue that the matter should not be about the dogs but about the owners who keep them. They say that "it's about the dog owners being irresponsible." All in all, dog racism is very real at 170 West End Ave in the Upper West side.