UPDATE 8:30 p.m.: Initial reports of the suspect's identity, though swiftly retracted, have now been confirmed by the deceased suspect's father. In an interview with CNN, Jim Boulware says that law enforcement officials came to his house shortly after the incident to inform of the death of his son — James Boulware. According to Jim Boulware, his son had visited the home a few hours before the incident.

UPDATE: The suspect in the van is confirmed dead.

Original Story:  A suspect in the Dallas shooting that occurred on Friday night has been shot by a police sniper as reported by The Associated Press. The man planted explosives outside Dallas' police headquarters and bombarded the building with gunfire leading to a chase where officers shot him in a restaurant parking lot.

No officers were injured in the assault but the building is being treated as an active crime scene. There have been four suspects reported by witnesses at the scene outside early Saturday. While in his van, the suspect rammed into a police cruiser in this video of the confrontation below.

Before being shot, the suspect ranted to police by phone, revealing his name and alleging that police were responsible for his child having been taken away from him. The AP reported that the shooter, who identified himself to police as James Boulware, had been confirmed dead. That report has now been retracted and the police have not yet confirmed his death. The Dallas Police Department is reporting the news and further investigation via their Twitter account