Even if you’re not the sort of person that keeps up with international economics, you’ve probably heard that Greece is in debt. Like, a lot of debt. Like €1.6 billion of debt, to the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank, and it can’t pay it back.

Well, 29 year old Londoner Thom Feeney wants to help. So he’s set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise the €1.6 bn Greece needs. In one day, almost 6,000 people have pledged money, and raised over €90,000. Which is less than 1% of what’s needed, but still. Like any good crowdfunding campaign, you get different rewards based on how much you pledge—€3 gets you a postcard of Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras, and for €6 you get a Feta and Olive salad.

Despite the plan seeming rather unlikely to succeed, Feeney says he’s serious.  “I can understand why people might take it as a joke, but Crowdfunding can really help because it's just a case of getting on and doing it.”