In addition to almost becoming George Costanza, Chris Rock almost became the new host of The Daily Show. As you know, the job ultimately went to Trevor Noah — alongside some brief controversy. According to the New York Times, Comedy Central was also considering Rock as a replacement for 16-year champion of the format Jon Stewart. In fact, Rock was indeed interested in the position — but refused to sign on for anything beyond the forthcoming 2016 presidential election.

No offense to Noah, but a Rockian take on what might very well be another Bush v. Clinton election in 2016 would surely make such a depressingly cyclical political process much more engaging. As proven by the criminally underrated Top Five, Rock is clearly transitioning into a new phase — exploring new comedic and dramatic ranges with confidence.

Though no Daily Show stint for the recent SNL monologue slayer, it's hard not to imagine Rock as a late-night host in some capacity in the not-so-distant future. An eventual The Tonight Show with Chris Rock, anyone?