The Internet can often get too wild with its fan theories—we're looking at you The Incredibles/Atlas Shrugged truthers—but this Jurassic Park and Jurassic World continuation theory posited by a reddit user is too good to ignore. In the Jurassic World trailer Chris Pratt's character talks about the key to working with dinosaurs. "It's not about control," he says. "It's a relationship based on respect." 

The message is eerily similar to the one imparted by Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) in Jurassic Park. When a punk kid dares to question the power of velociraptor​ he's given a frightening, graphic lesson from the Doc. "Try to show a little respect," he says. 

Pratt's character could very well be that kid. The timing is right, as the then 13- or 14-year old would be in his mid-30s now just like Pratt, 35. We have no reason to believe Pratt's character didn't set off on his dinosaur whispering path after receiving a life-changing lesson.